Duke Nukem Forever release date pushed back (again)

Release now pushed from May to June for extra polishing

The Duke's return gets pushed back another month.

We've been all outta gum for more than 14 years, but Duke Nukem fans itching to get down to the serious business of clubbing aliens and saving babes are in for one more month of R&R before getting their trigger fingers all over Duke Nukem Forever, now scheduled to be released on June 10th in Europe.

The announcement was made in a cheeky video skit by Gearbox Software head honcho Randy Pitchford (which you can check out below). This puts the game's development time at a whopping 14 years two months, with development first announced way back in April 1997.

According to Pitchford, the delay is to allow the Gearbox crew to finish adding the final layer of polish to the game. That's the delay from May to June, not the delay from 1997 to 2011, presumably.

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Duke Nukem Forever: A very special message from Gearbox Software