Ducktales to be remade; headed for consoles

Game being remastered by Capcom; developer hints at Chip n' Dale and Aladdin games being remade too

Game being remastered by Capcom; developer hints at Chip n' Dale and Aladdin games being remade too

Retro gamers got a nice surprise over the weekend after Capcom announced that it is currently working on Ducktales Remastered.

The new game is a complete remake of the original. However, speaking to Polygon, the game's producer Rey Jimenez has said that the game will be significantly easier than it was back when it was first released in 1989/90.

"Gamers are just different today," Jimenez said. "We had to make [Ducktales Remastered] significantly easier and more accessible."

He has assured fans of the original that the harder – and if we're being honest – sadistic level of difficulty will be included in the game. "If you want the pure experience, we are reproducing that with the harder difficulties."

Examples of the game being made easier include Scrooge's pogo-ing. In the original, it was necessary to jump, duck, and press a third button. According to Jimenez, the remastered version will cut that down to just two buttons. However, the original method will be required on the harder – and more authentic – difficulties.

He also revealed that the much hated trips to Transylvania will be cut down; though once again, players can relive the horror of that incredibly difficult level over and over again, as you did in the original.

Jimenez also revealed that thanks to the new partnership between Capcom and Disney, a lot more of the original artwork from the TV series will be making its way to the game.

And in what could be even sweeter news to the ears of fans of Disney's old school games, plans are afoot to remake more classic games.

According to Jimenez, other remakes will depend on the success of Ducktales Remastered.

Among the titles likely to be remade, according to him, are Aladdin, Darkwing Duck, and Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers, the latter of which is most likely to be next, says Jimenez.

Ducktales remastered is scheduled to be released this summer for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii U.