Double Dragon comes to iPhone, gets a revamp

NES classic comes to iOS and looks better than ever

New features boost beat-em-up's first mobile outing.

NES fans will be doing cartwheels today with the news that Double Dragon has arrived on the App Store for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

The mobile iteration of the game features a host of new features rather than being just a straight-up transfer of ancient version that we've seen with many iPhone games.

Double Dragon iPhone brings new moves, which can be used against new bosses and enemies. Your success will now be rewarded by unlockable characters and achievements. For more than single player action you can hook-up to a second iOS device using Bluetooth.

The graphics have also been greatly improved, but fans of the original beat-em-up will be glad to know that all of the action takes place on the same stage.

Double Dragon iOS is available to buy now from the App Store for the introductory price of £2.39. Sounds like a deal to us.

Link: Double Dragon