DiRT Showdown demo launched ahead of game's release

Codemasters outs the first DiRT Showdown demo for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC gamers

With the May 25th DiRT Showdown UK release date less than a month away developer Codemasters has launched the first DiRT Showdown demo

Ahead of the title’s upcoming release developer Codemasters has confirmed that the official DiRT Showdown demo is now available for Xbox 360, PC and PS3 gamers.

Available to download now from the Xbox Live Marketplace, PlayStation Network and Steam on PC, eager gamers can get their first hands-on sampler of the rally sim with a selection of game modes seeing racing fans plunged into ‘8 Ball’ and multiplayer ‘Rampage’ modes.

“In the demo, the single player ‘8 Ball’ race, players take part in a chaotic, full-impact race in the shadow of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, using boost to sprint ahead of rivals and speeding through crossover points where drivers can dodge or takedown opponents,” a Codemasters spokesperson said of the launch.

“Once players have completed the race, they can challenge a friend online to unlock the ‘Rampage’ multiplayer mode. In ‘Rampage’, eight drivers feed their appetite for destruction in an online demolition derby event, earning points for crashes, smashes and eliminations.”

DiRT Showdown Release Date

Following the success of its trio of predecessors, DiRT Showdown will once again be headed up by rally poster boy and all-round driving nut Ken Block with a bevy of automotive beasts to be at the disposal of gamers from Block’s Gymkhana FOUR H.F.H.V. Ford Fiesta to a selection of muscle cars, vans and even the odd hearse or two.

“DiRT Showdown charges into the arcade racing space with a uniquely Codemasters feel,” Mike Chapman, senior games designer at Codemasters said at the game’s unveiling. “Whether players are using nitrous to boost, smashing into their opponents or pulling off stunts, DiRT Showdown’s fresh handling system and super-charged damage engine embed excitement into every event.”

Having previously tipped the title for a slightly ambiguous ‘May 2012’ arrival, Codemasters has offered up something a little more specific with the Sony PS3, PC and Xbox 360 title confirmed with a May 25th DiRT Showdown UK release date.

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