Details of upcoming Amazon Kindle tablet revealed

Some more information about the Amazon Kindle tablet out

A 7-inch Kindle tablet scheduled soon.

Definitive information about the Amazon Kindle tablet has been released by TechCrunch, who managed to get a hands-on experience with a Design Verification Testing version of the tablet.

According to the report, unlike previous Kindles, the display is in colour, has a 7-inch touch screen, is back lit and runs on Android, but doesn't have a camera.

The release date is also pipped to be the end of November 2011, with a 10-inch tablet in the works for Q1 2012, said the website.

While the tablet will run on Android, Amazon is a constant presence. The book reader sector is the Kindle app, it uses Amazon's Cloud Player for music and Amazon's Instant Video player for movies, with the app store being Amazon's Android appstore, according to the report.

The 7-inch tablet, which is initially slated to be Wi-Fi only, is said to cost $250 (£155 approx).

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Via: TechCrunch