Destiny confirmed for PS4

Bungie's new open world FPS confirmed for PlayStation 4

Destiny, Bungie's new shared world shooter, has been confirmed for Sony's new PlayStation 4 gaming platform

Bungie's new gargantuan first-person-shooter/open-world hybrid has been confirmed for Sony's PlayStation 4 gaming platform. The announcement, which the developer shied away from making at a reveal event in Washington last week, was confirmed by Activision's CEO of publishing, Eric Hirshberg, at Sony's PS4 reveal event in New York this week.

Bungie's president, Harold Ryan, also revealed that exclusive content for the game would be made available for owners of both the PS4 and PS3 platforms.

The news shouldn't shock anyone following the development of Bungie's new IP. At a reveal event last week, in which Bungie revealed extensive content including concept art, gameplay details and music contained in the game, the developer stated that it plans its new shooter to be iterative over the next seven or so years. Naturally this would have included Sony's new gaming platform. Now all we need is a confirmation from Bungie about Microsoft's new console and we're all set.