Destiny always requires online connection

Destiny will always require an internet connection in order to work

Destiny, Bungie's new FPS open world hybrid, will always require an internet connection in order to work

In news that may send a shudder down the spine of anyone who remembers the Error 37 message when they first tried to boot up Diablo III, Bungie has announced that their new game, Destiny, will always required an online connection. There will be no offline mode for the game across any platform it lands on - and at the time of this writing, the two platforms that have been confirmed are the Xbox 360 and the PS3.

The news was announced at the reveal event for Bungie's new game at the developer's headquarters in Bellvue, Washington last week. Billed as the world's "first shared world shooter", Destiny was described as a game geared towards co-operative multiplayer shooter action, with an environment that seemed familiar to vast open worlds present in MMOs.

When questioned about the need for an internet connection to be always present when playing Destiny, Bungie's COO, Pete Parsons said: "It's a persistent shared and connected world so you will need to be connected [online] to play Destiny."

This news seems to echo leaked rumours about Microsoft's next-gen console, currently codenamed Durango. Recent reports suggested that the new console would require an online connection at all times in order to work.