Demon launches broadband package for gamers

Prioritised bandwidth for World of Warcraft gamers

First ISP to offer a gaming-specific package

Demon Internet has launched a brand new broadband package, offering online gamers prioritised badwidth and a smoother connection.

The 20Mbps package costs £22 a month, which is £3 more than the standard 20-meg package, and customers will have to sign up to a one-year contract.

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Demon is promising those WoW and Modern Warfare 2 online addicts lower pings and less packet loss which should lead to an all-round smoother experience.

The ISP is the first to offer a gaming specific tariff and reckons it can set aside bandwidth for gamers in the evenings due to its higher percentage of business customes using their connections during the day.

Link: Demon (via Techwatch)