Dell: Windows Phone 7 easier to build with than Android

Michael Dell reveals his allegiance in the platform wars

Plus: Dell pushes into the tablet race

While speaking at an event in Hong Kong yesterday, Dell CEO Michael Dell revealed that his company is to push into the tablet market in a big way in 2011, with a number of devices looking set to join the imminent 7-inch version of the Dell Streak.

That wasn’t all that left Dell’s lips, though, as he revealed that he found it easier to develop and build Windows Phone 7 handsets than it is Android handsets. Microsoft’s slick new mobile platform has been picking up the praise at the consumer end recently, and it’ll only be further aided by this kind of support at the very back end.

The company is just about to launch two near identical smartphones – the Android powered Thunder and the Windows Phone 7-powered Venue Pro – and, while only time will tell as to which one is the more successful, we now certainly know which one Dell prefers.

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