Dell Windows 7 tablet planned

When will you be able to land Dell's new slate?

Business-only offering as Dell follows HP's Windows tablet lead.

Dell has confirmed it’s working on a Windows 7 tablet and will release the Microsoft-backed effort later this year. But like the HP Slate before it, this will be a Windows tablet that only business types can lay their hands on.

Revealed during an event to showcase the PC maker’s latest business machines, Dell’s Windows 7 tablet is set to rock a 10-inch screen, with workers who need “greater mobility” the key target.

That means this will not be widely available to tablet fanatics around the globe. Some would say that’s a blessing seeing as Windows 7 is hardly the ideal OS for using on touchscreen tablets. With the iPad 2 coming, a string of Honeycomb devices not far behind and the much-vaunted PalmPad to follow, Dell would clearly have a hard time selling a Windows 7 tablet to the masses.

Is this a gadget worth getting het up over? Or just another attempt to prove Windows 7 works away from the desktop? Tell us your thoughts on our Facebook and Twitter pages now.

Via Gaj-it