Dell Streak unlocked for UK networks

Bypass O2 to buy an unlocked Dell Streak.

Unlocked Dell Streaks can now be bought from the official website for £449.

Dell Streak can be bought SIM-free, which offers potential buyers freedom to choose their own network. Initially offered by 02 for £399 (Pay & Go), Dell has revoked their exclusive rights by starting to sell it unlocked.

At this price, buyers get the Dell Streak in carbon-black along with a 16GB MicroSD storage card, inclusive of VAT. There's also the added advantage of free shipping.

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A smartphone as well as a tablet, the Streak boasts a 5" screen and a 5MP autofocus digital camera along with a LED flash and webcam. It currently runs on the Android 1.6 operating system and boasts a 1Ghz Qualcomm processor.

Via: Dell Streak Tablet