Dell: Streak 10 will run Android 3.0 Honeycomb at launch

Dell ends fears that its iPad rival will be outdated at launch

So where does this leave the HTC Flyer?

The 5-inch Dell Streak tablet was a strange beast. It boasted a top camera and decent spec, but was hampered by the fact that it launched with Android 1.6, whereas most of the competition at the time was rolling in Android 2.1 luxury.

The same fears have been applied to the company’s upcoming 10.1-inch variant – the Dell Streak 10. Rumours abounded that it’d launch later this year with the phone-centric Android 2.3, despite its iPad-sized dimensions. Now those worries have been put to rest by official word from Dell that the Streak 10 will run on Honeycomb – Android 3.0

“For tablets, it's Android Honeycomb and Windows,” the company told investors. Honeycomb is built from the ground up with tablets in mind, so it comes as reassuring news that the Streak 10 will be bang up to date.

The talk of Windows has fired rumours that the Streak 10 will share a body with a device built around Microsoft’s operating system. Dell said that it has “customers with a preference for either one. We can create platforms that share a great degree of hardware commonality that can run both -- or either -- operating system, and we don't see any other options that are worthy of consideration.”

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