Death Star White House petition gets 25,000 signatures

25,000 people want the US to build a real Death Star

The Death Star is probably one of the most recognisable objects from Star Wars, so much so that 25,000 people would very much like the US government to make it

Over 25,000 people have signed a petition to the White House asking the US Government to build the Death Star from Star Wars, due to the number of signatures the White House will have to give an official response.

The petition has suggested that by building a real life Death Star the US Government would be creating countless new jobs for the economy, which is undeniably something that it would indeed do.

Unfortunately what the petition hasn't taken into account is the sheer scale of the project, not to mention the hundreds of technologies that would actually need to be invented before it could even be more than a drawing on a napkin.

These are of course, small hurdles, so much so that the petition has already asked for a completion date of 2016 giving the White House just four years to construct a moon-sized object in space the likes of which will have never been seen before.

Source: defensetech