Dead Space 4 cancelled?

UPDATE: EA denies that the Dead Space series has been axed

UPDATE: EA has denied reports that the Dead Space series has been cancelled after poorer-than-expected sales of Dead Space 3

UPDATE: EA has vigorously denied earlier reports on that the publisher has axed the Dead Space series.

UI Lead at Visceral Games, Dino Ignacio, said on his original twitterfeed: "The reports of our death were greatly exaggerated. "Please stand by."

EA Creative Director and the ex-Art Director on Dead Space Ian Milham echoed Ignacio's sentiments on his own twitterfeed saying, "almost nothing in that article is true."

When asked if he could confirm that Dead Space 4 was still a going concern, Milham said, ""I confirm nothing except the hooey in that story."

ORIGINAL STORY: Is the story of Isaac Clarke now over for good? Regardless of the events in rather good Dead Space 3, it appears that players may never get to play Clarke's next adventure, according to a report on gaming site,

The article on the site states that a source familiar with the unannounced Dead Space 4 has said that pre-production on the game over at Visceral Games and Visceral Montreal has been halted. The game, the source said, has been cancelled after Dead Space 3 failed to meet its expected sales targets and Visceral Montreal is rumoured to have been shut down.

EA previously stated that Dead Space 3 would need to sell around 5 million units in order for the series to continue, and while the game debuted in first position in the games sales chart upon release, it sold 25 per cent fewer copies across formats than its predecessor.

The news is likely to cause consteration among Dead Space fans - especially those who have witnessed Dead Space 3's less than succinct ending - since, with the cancellation of Dead Space 4, it's likely the entire series will be axed. If that's the case then, farewell to thee, Isaac Clarke, and thanks for all the nightmares.