Dark Souls 2 could possibly launch in March 2014

According to a billboard on the E3 site, the game may launch in March next year

Dark Souls 2 could launch in March 2014, according to a billboard that has popped up on the LA Convention Center, where E3 will be held later this month

Photos taken of the huge sign featured on the E3 convention center, were then posted online by All Games Beta and Twitter user VaatiVidya, showing Dark Souls II with the date March 2014.

Dark Souls 2, the sequel to the popular open world action RPG Dark Souls, was announced last year during the Spike Video Game Awards for development on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms.

The billboard contains no further information besides linking game title to the date.

The new game will be running on a new engine designed specifically for the game, and promises to be extremely hard.

From Software announced earlier this year that they will not be developing Dark Souls 2 for next-gen consoles.

T3 sat down with Dark Souls 2 director, Yui Tanimura, at a recent preview event in New York.

When asked about next-gen consoles, Tanimura stated, "It would be a lie to say we didn't consider it at all. But, right now there's no attempt to put Dark Souls 2 on the next-gen. We feel the current-gen's potential is still viable and we want to deliver Dark Souls 2 on current-gen."

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Image: All Games Beta