Daily: the iPad newspaper lives

Jobs and Murdoch put finishing touches to joint effort

New York-based iPad paper will have no print or web edition.

Steve Jobs and Rupert Murdoch are reported to be putting the finishing touches to a new collaboration, which will see the first iPad-only newspaper launch in the new year.

Dubbed ‘Daily’ the paper is said to have no print or web version, instead being pushed automatically to subscribers’ Apple tablets. Word is that with print costs non-existent, a subscription will cost just 99c a week across the pond.

Murdoch is said to have come up with the idea after research showed punters spent more time on their iPads than they did on the traditional web, with the suggestion that readers were less likely to navigate away from a news story on the Apple slate.

News Corp is said to have already fixed up office space for Daily in its New York building, while Apple will provide back-end assistance. It’s not yet clear if Daily will simply work on the iPad, or if rival slates will be able to play nice. With Apple’s obsession with a closed ecosystem, it seems highly unlikely.

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Via The Guardian