Cut the Rope lands on the Android Market

Top iOS game also available on Amazon App Store

T3 mobile favourite finally gets proper launch on Android.

Cut the Rope, one of the privileged few mobile games to win five T3 stars of approval on the App Chart, has officially landed on the Android Market and the Amazon Appstore.

The game sees players slicing ropes, avoiding spike traps and dodging hungry spiders as they try to reunite sweeties with the ever-hungry Om Nom, a loveable little monster who sits patiently waiting for his delivery of candy.

Cut the Rope had a half-hearted release last week for Android via the GetJar app store as a free, ad-supported download. The Android Market release is more in line with the Apple App Store version - ad-free but with a download price of 62p. Want to know more? Read our Cut the Rope review for iPhone and watch the trailer below.

Cut the Rope trailer