Cut the Rope comic launching soon

Om Nom gets a backstory with digital Comic-Con release

New comic will flesh out backstory of Cut the Rope's little green monster.

We've got a soft spot for mobile gaming phenomenon Cut the Rope, with three separate T3 reviewers scoring it five stars across iPhone, iPad and Android (not to mention that gaming BAFTA it picked up in March). But while a movie deal might be pushing the put-the-sweet-in-the-monster's-mouth formula a little bit far, fans of gobbling green Om Nom (pictured) can at least look forward to a Cut the Rope comic book in the next month or two from the game's creators, Zepto Lab.

"Om Nom has become a fan favorite and he has an amazing backstory", said Zepto Lab chairman Misha Laylin at this year's Comic-Con in San Diego. "This new comic book series will tell that story and introduce fans to a cast of characters and storylines that will unfold in future iterations of the game."

The comic will be released digitally, through a new comics app that's reportedly hitting the App Store sometime next month.

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