title: Crysis 3: Gameplay & Weapons / url: crysis-3-weapons-gameplay

crysis 3 prophet assualt rifle


Crysis 3: Gameplay

The game will be set in the nanodome of New York and will contain seven key areas, or ‘seven wonders’ as CryTek are calling them.

Essentially a city in tatters, New York has been taken over not only by the Ceph but also by nature and so within the dome, swamps, rivers and jungle environments will be commonplace.

It’s known that the game will feature heavily on the ideas of stealth and tactics with the bow being the sharp end of that gameplay style. Allowing you to see the shot in 'arrow cam' the player is able to watch the flight of the arrow as it speeds its way towards the target.

One of the new features is the ability to hack objects, whether it's turrets or other objects, letting you turn Ceph and Cell weaponry back on its owners while also enabling you a brief period of time to creep back into the shadows.

The melee cam has been given a rework as well letting you creep up being targets and then bring them down with brutal effeciency, it's both over the top and stunning to watch.

crysis 3 bow

Crysis 3: Weapons

First up is the Composite Bow, while little is know about its true capabilities it is clear that the bow will play an important role, especially in an environment that is more like a jungle than it is a city.

Next up is the Typhoon Assault Rifle, revealed via CVG, this 500 rounds per minute behemoth is capable of literally coating a target in rounds making it one of the most effective mid-range weapons of the game.

Coming early to multiplayer gamers who have the Stalker Pack and available in-game the semi-automatic Jackal tactical shotgun is both a superb room-clearer but also comes with a silencer attachment for those quieter close-range kills.

Finally there is the Feline submachine gun, featuring a devastating rate of fire and a 60 round magazine this close-range weapon comes with the Predator Pack and features exclusive camo to make you even less visible.