Creative Assembly leaks new Alien game image?

Next-generation game to embody Dead Space 2 atmosphere

After the criticism thrown at Aliens: Colonial Marines, Creative Assembly will be hoping to avoid the fan pressure that will be on the next game featuring the Alien name

A leaked image of what is rumoured to be the next Alien game has appeared after it was found on the background image of Creative Assembly's Twitter page.

The image shows what appears to be a crash test dummy wearing a t shirt with the logo of the Nostromo on its sleeve, the dummy appears to be standing in a darkened room with steam and atmospheric lighting.

This is the first hint at the upcoming Alien game since Sega and Creative Assembly confirmed that a new title would be in the works for next-generation consoles.

There's no news on what genre it would be however Sega has revealed that it would like the game to be on par with the likes of Dead Space 2 in terms of scares and difficulty.

Little else is known about the title until now, and so if this screenshot proves to be legit it could be one step towards confirming an appearance at this years E3 2013 where Microsoft is also expected to unveil its next-generation Xbox console.

Source: CVG