Crackdown 2 steals top Xbox 360 slot

Crackdown 2 knocks Red Dead Redemption from no.1 spot

After 8 weeks in the Xbox 360 limelight, Red Dead Redemption finally takes a step down

The giant that is Red Dead Redemption has finally moved down to second place having bowed to new release Crackdown 2.

Sequel to the hugely successful Crackdown, this new game sees players fighting their way through the same city, however whilst gamers have been away things have gone slightly awry with mutants now roaming the streets leaving you to clean up the mess.


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Containing many of the same free roaming elements of Red Dead Redemption, there was an expectation that it would perform well. Nevertheless it’s still impressive to note just how successful a start Crackdown 2 has had, that said, only future weeks will give a clearer picture as to the games success.

Red Dead Redemption has proven to be phenomenally successful for Rockstar having recieved overall rave reviews and performing incredibly well in the Xbox 360 charts by hogging the top spot for 8 weeks.