Consumers turn their backs on BlackBerry following issues

RIM's recent service failures push smartphone customers to rival brands

BlackBerry service issues see Research in Motion customers jump ship to rival brands as 19 per cent claim the recent and repeated failings cost them work as a direct result

Following three days of service issues many BlackBerry users have revealed they are to ditch the QWERTY keyboard bragging devices in favour of the new Apple iPhone 4S and leading Android handset, a new study has found.

The survey, carried out by Kelkoo has found that 42 per cent of BlackBerry users intend to move away from the brand when their current contracts are up for renewal whilst 19 per cent plan on stepping away from the Research in Motion produced devices sooner.

Of the 1,075 current BlackBerry users quizzed, 19 per cent claimed that the recent service issues, which saw BBM, email and browser systems fail, has cost them work as a direct result of the repeated disruptions.

Despite RIM’s founder and CEO Mike Lazaridis issuing a video apology to users yesterday stating “we’ve let you down,” many potential consumers have been put off plumping for a BlackBerry handset in the future.

From a total of 4,000 questioned consumers, 71 per cent admitted they have been put off moving to the company responsible for the Torch, Bold and Curve ranges.

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