Consoles to use discs for 10 more years at least

Sony's CEO says networks just aren't there yet to compensate

With the PSP Go and Xbox Live Arcade proving that downloading games can work, Sony's Kaz Hirai is staying cautious

Sony's CEO Kaz Hirai confirmed in an interview that whilst downloading games would eventually be the future, that time is not now, citing network speeds as being the culprit.

His reasoning was down to two basic causes; firstly the fact that broadband speeds haven't risen on a worldwide scale as fast as expected. Then secondly the plain and simple fact that there are still lot's of places on the globe that just don't have the network infrastructure to handle the technology.

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Hirai is most certainly one of the most influential men in the technology industry, so when he comes out with a statement like that you can almost bet your bottom dollar that the next Playstation 4 or even 5 will both use game discs.

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Link: CNET