Computer controlled by thoughts developed

Computer can read thoughts and be controlled by them

Tech being developed for computers to read our minds

Scientists at the Washington University have developed a method by which a person's mind can control a computer.

Sensors were attached to the individuals brain and by thinking of specific sounds, individuals were able to move a cursor on the screen. The experiment showed an accuracy of 91%.

The experiment is based on a technique known as electrocorticography, by which the brain is connected to a computer through electrodes and is normally used for epilepsy treatment.

"There are many directions we could take this, including development of technology to restore communication for patients who have lost speech due to brain injury or damage to their vocal cords or airway," said Eric C. Leuthardt MD, assistant professor of neurosurgery at Washington University's School of Medicine.

The procedure while invasive shows that the computer can, essentially, read the person's mind when he/she thinks of certain sounds and move the cursor.

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Via: Techwatch