Comet 'fire sale' planned after company goes into administration

Tech on the cheap

Looking for blisteringly low price tech? High street electrical store Comet are rumoured to be preparing for a ‘fire sale’ after the company was forced into administration last week.

The chain, which could end up with the same fate as Woolworths, is said to have £120 million worth of stock that it will have to sell at greatly reduced prices to recoup as much as possible.

It is currently not known what savings the store will offer, but a placeholder on its website states the sale is ‘starting soon.’ Maybe this could be the perfect excuse to upgrade your living room set up?

However the news is not quite so good if you’ve been waiting to spend Comet gift vouchers. Many customers have been left out of pocket after announcements were made that the chain had suspended this method of payment.

Previous ‘fire sales’ have left gadgets for sale at eye wateringly low prices, notably when HP started selling its ill-fated Touchpad for just £89, a massive drop from the original £399 price.

Comet currently has 235 stores across the country along with over 6,000 employees. However nothing has been made official about the staff’s futures after all the stock has gone.

Could the demise of Comet spell the end of high street electrical stores? Let us know what you think in the comment box below.