Color, new photo-based social networking app launched

Create a photo-based network wherever you may be

New free app augments your memories with pictures from an elastic network of friends.

A new photo-based social application has been launched for iPhone and Android which allows users to make connections with those in the same area.

The Color app, which is available for iPhone now and will hit the Android Market later today, uses GPS to produce a photostream from people who are posting pictures and videos to the app in the same geographic area.

The app, which creates a visual diary of an event using the multi-lens view, shows the posts that other people have made from the same area. Those photos will remain on the app for the user to keep.

Color will also give users the opportunity to make personal contact with members of their "elastic network," so you can reach out to someone doing the same thing in the same place and see if they'd like to meet. You'll get a notification any time someone respond to one of your posts.

Color Demo from Color Labs, Inc. on Vimeo.

The bulletin section will bring new updates from people who are posting from a nearby area or from those who are in the elastic network, while the thread view shows who is contributing to an event with the user.

The app has huge potential to change the way we interact socially with our smartphones, and Silicon Valley feels the same way with Color raising $41 in investments.

Link: Color (via TechCrunch)