CoD: Black Ops Rezurrection gameplay video

New video shows off moon-based mayhem

Black Ops is heading for its final swan song before Modern Warfare 3 steals the stage, and it's heading off with a bang

Call of Duty: Black Ops is heading off with a boom, or at least that's if their latest DLC video is anything to go by. Their fourth DLC named Rezurrection will be both taking us back to the past and throwing us into the future.

Containing the four maps that started it all from World at War, the DLC will then also contain what looks to be their maddest map yet 'Moon'. The name pretty much speaks for itself, with players being placed in a low-gravity environment forced to adapt and adjust their tactics in order to take down the hordes.

While multiplayer has always been Call of Duty's main focus, the zombies have proved to be a revelation for game designers Treyarch who, since creating them, have been receiving constant feedback asking for more of the addictive co-op chaos.

The video in question (check it out below) contains gameplay footage and explanations by the Treyarch team as to why they chose such an unexpected location for their fourth DLC.

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