Classic Flight Control mobile app lands on PC and Mac

Guide planes to the runway from your office chair

Play stunt levels, unlock 9 maps and earn achievements

The legendary iPhone Flight Control simulator is now available to play on your Mac or PC for $5.

The app, which was the Angry Birds of the early App Store years, is available on the Steam store, which brings top video games like Call of Duty: Black Ops directly to your desktop.

Flight Control HD for PC or Mac features a new stunt level, which guides planes into land at an air show, and 9 new maps to unlock along the way. You can also compete on leaderboards and earn achievements along the way.

We're interested to see how this works with a mouse and a keyboard because, this is a game designed for the touchscreen. Can Flight Control handle backwards compatibility?

Check out the new gameplay in the trailer below.

Link: Steam (via Gizmodo)