Cisco: Wi-Fi Flip in the works

New camera and iPhone 4 video app promised by tech giant

No word on release, but bulked up Flip could give cheap cammies a new lease of life.

The Flip kicked off the cheap camcorder craze, but its charms have been severely dented by mobile phones upping their HD skills in recent months. Fortunately, Flip’s new owners, Cisco, have got plans to make the bargain effort sing anew, with a Wi-Fi model in the offing.

Cisco exec Marthin De Beer said it was working on such a device, saying, “We didn’t buy Flip to have it be only a video recorder.” However, he didn’t offer up a release date for this rejigged effort.

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Cisco is also said to be lining up an iPhone 4 video client, while elsewhere it’s working in a transcoding system that’ll let Flash clips play nice on the iPad and iPhone. Let’s see if that one gets past Steve Jobs.

Via Electronista