Chrome for Android Ice Cream Sandwich now official

Chrome leaves beta far behind with tabbed browsing on ICS

Chrome has finally shed the shackles of oppression that is beta, with testing over tabbed browsing and bookmark syncing is coming to Android smartphones

Chrome for Android has been officially unveiled at the Google I/O conference this week appearing alongside the Google Nexus 7 tablet and is now available for all smartphones and tablets running Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Boasting tabbed browsing and syncing across your Google account it's a complete transfer of many of the features found on the desktop version.

With hardware-accelerated page rendering Chrome is able to quickly load long pages which would otherwise have been a chore for smartphones, there's also the classic search and address bar removing the need for a search bar and saving space.

Scrolling between tabs is also made easier, by sliding from off the edge of the screen to the other side you seamlessly change tabs whilst the main screen shows you all your most visited sites and gives you access to bookmarks.

It's available to download now via the Google Play store and is compatible with any smartphone or tablet running Android Ice Cream Sandwich and of course the Google Nexus 7 running Android Jelly Bean.