China's iPad knock-off: the iPed

One of these things is a lot like the other

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Chinese Android-based lookalike makes headlines on Japanese iPad launch day.

In case you missed it, Apple launched its iPad in the UK last Friday. But after having been on sale only a couple of months in the US, it seems dodgy tech tinkerers in China have already knocked out their own low-cost lookalike, going by this slightly bewildered-sounding Japanese news report.

The doppelganger tablet, called the "iPed", apparently runs Android and shots from the Japanese report show a home screen with apps including MSN, Fring and Skype. The tablet also packs a 7" touchscreen, accelerometer, a USB port, expandable storage, and what looks like multiple language options including English. Being Android, we bet it does Flash, too.


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The imposter-pad is is being produced in the Shenzhen province of China, which also just happens to be the site of the biggest Foxconn production plant - a company you may recognise as that which produces Apple's iPhones and iPads.

The iPed retails at a reasonable £72, compared with the hefty £429 asking price of Apple's tablet, although we're doubtful this latest entry into the tablet market will ever see a UK launch quite like that of the iPad any time soon.

Via: Kotaku