China now largest PC market in the world

Temporary top spot could become permanent by 2012

International Data Corporation has released statistics which show the US will be taking the no.2 spot in the PC market - but not for long

The IDC has released statistics which show that China has overtaken the US as the leader in the global PC market shipping in the last quarter $11.9 billion worth of units.

The US was left behind with 21 per cent of the global market, shipping only $11.7 billion worth of units this quarter, however the IDC does suggest this may not be a permanent fixture, yet. With the US market picking up for the holiday season it's likely that the United States will surpass that figure, leaving them back at no.1 for by the end of 2011.

This is not permanent though as China's global share is slowly increasing all the time, so by 2012 it's expected to be back at no.1 in more of a cemented position. Many believe this is an indication of things to come, and with a population of over 1.3 billion China is a resource that hasn't as yet been fully explored in terms of technological imports. With the iPhone not even licensed in China, it's a stark reminder of just what effect a more open policy on technology products could have on the global markets.

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Source: TheNextWeb