Chime Super Deluxe landing on PlayStation network

Musical puzzle to host 10 pre-loaded tracks

Make your own music with Chime Super Deluxe

Block puzzle game Chime Super Deluxe is soon coming to the PlayStation Network.

The game features a musical twist where players need to cover different grids in order to create rectangles called quads, which produces musical notes. As the game moves on, a song is created. Each time the game is played, a unique remix of pre-loaded songs is created.

Musical artists have allowed the developer Zoë Mode to use their music tracks in order to generate the music in the puzzle. There will be 10 music tracks and playable grids at launch and so far, 5 have been revealed.

Songs include Ooh Yeah by Moby, Spilled Cranberries by Markus Schulz, Brazil by Philip Glass, For Silence by Paul Hartnoll and Disco Ghosts by Fred Deakin.

Other songs will be announced eventually.

The game is already available for PCs and Xbox, and we hope to see this version in spring 2011.

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Via: EuroGamer