CES 2011 Day Three: iPad 2 spotted and HTC 4G phones

Apple App store 1m downloads and Sony PSP phones

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iPad 2 spotted?

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Apple’s Mac App store got off to a flying start with over one million downloads in its first 24 hours of business. This was despite the attentions of hackers trying to disrupt Steve Jobs’ red-letter day by finding a way to download Apps for gratis. You imagine the current 1000 free and paid-for apps are going to swell somewhat in the coming months. In more fruity news from Apple, word is spreading that 50,000 iTunes accounts were up for sale on TaoBao, the Chinese equivalent of eBay. This security lapse is despite Apple upping its security features and warning users to protect their data.

Apple’s iPad has had its successor spotted, allegedly. Although not present at the giant CES shindig, Apple accessories are ubiquitous and some eagle-eyed Apple fan boys spotted this mock up of the iPad 2 complete with a rear-facing camera and larger speaker grill and a slimmed-down design. Interesting. Continuing the game of hide and seek for sightings of the iPhone 5, these new pencil drawings have been spotted in the wild. The drawings show very similar design to iPhone 4, but we’re sure Jobs and co. will have fixed the death grip issues, won’t they?

Sony’s PlayStation phone has finally been uncloaked from its veil of secrecy with a new hands-on spotted in China. It looks like the PSP phone packs Android, a 4-inch LCD and 5Mp camera and when you strap on its awesome gaming skills, well you have some piece of kit. A Qualcomm Snapdragon processor has even been mooted. In other gaming news, there have been worrying noises coming out about Kinect and the feared Xbox red ring of death. Even though it has announced shifting 8 million Kinect units, overheating and other console-crippling issues have been thrown at the Big M. As for Microsoft, well they’re denying any correlation between the two issues. None whatsoever.

HTC's 4G fest. HTC have announced three new 4G phones at CES. The HTC Thunderbolt, HTC Inspire 4G and HTC Evo Shift 4G. Both the Thunderbolt and Inspire tote extremely similar specs to our very own HTC Desire HD, with the difference being the Thunderbolt boast sa front-facing 1.3Mp camera for lots of Skype-based fun. The HTC Evo Shift is a dead-ringer for the Desire Z, complete with sliding keyboard, while a mid-range HTC Freestyle has also been launched. In more phone news, Motorola has laid down the gauntlet to all comers with the Motorola Atrix which they claim is the world’s most powerful mobie. It’s hitting the UK later in 2011 on Orange.