Carphone Warehouse officially launches Music Anywhere

Spotify-like music service puts your music up in the clouds

Another way to tackle those pesky music pirates? Possibly not...

Carphone Warehouse is entering the music streaming realms with the official launch of its 'Music Anywhere' cloud-based service and phone application for the iPhone, Android and BlackBerry devices.

Music Anywhere lets you access tracks from your existing library of music at home to your laptop, computer, smartphone or tablet device anywhere in the world.

The ambitious service works by making a 'fingerprint' copy of your music and playlists via the desktop application. When away from your computer, you can then access all your music from servers which match your music to a six million-strong library supported by four major record labels which include Universal Music and Warner Music.

Music obtained from sources both legal and illegal will be made accessible, while those rare DJ mixes your friend made you for your last birthday party can also be stored on the Music Anywhere servers.

If however, you have been pilfering all of your music from the likes of Limewire and various torrent sites, as stated in the terms and conditions, 'where it becomes apparent that most of a person’s music collection has been fact pirated, Music Anywhere reserves the right to terminate the service'.

Music Anywhere also enables offline music storage, by 'smartcaching' your songs onto your handset. You can then choose to 'lock' tracks and decide how much of your phone storage you want Music Anywhere to use up for offline tracks.

If you really don't like hooking up your phone to your computer every night to transfer your tunes, Music Anywhere will cost you £29.99 a year.

If you want to bag the service for free, you can get it pre-loaded on the Samsung i5500 'Europa' smartphone bought through Carphone Warehouse stores.

You can download the 'Music Anywhere' phone app from iTunes, the Android Market and BlackBerry World from tomorrow for free.

Link: Carphone Warehouse