Canon Wonder Camera concept touted (with video)

Single lens snapper yours to fondle from 2030

New concept claims interchangeable lenses will be a thing of the past.

We love a bit of future-gazing. Who doesn’t? The chance to sound off authoritatively about what’s round the corner is always a giggle. But Canon’s taken this crystal ball lark one step further, unveiling a ‘Wonder Camera’ concept which will change SLRs forever.

The idea is pretty simple. Rather than swapping lenses to get killer shots, you’ll be able to use just the one to take everything from up-close macro pics to 5000mm super-wide angle shots.

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Canon says the system is so good you’ll get pro quality shots all the time. And intriguingly, it even claims that with the Wonder Camera’s video capture function staying in focus constantly, you can just film stuff and pick out the frames you want.

The whole thing’s touchscreen, but seeing as it appears to have a mind of its own, tinkering with controls shouldn’t really be a concern. Have a squizz at the clip below and see just how Canon reckons we’ll be taking photos in twenty years.

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Via Engadget and Gizmag