Canon EOS C300 launched as first Canon 4K movie camera

4K is no longer a technology reserved only for RED

With 4K becoming the standard across Hollywood and with more television programs now signing up to the technology Canon has decided to join the crowd with the C300

Canon has announced its first foray into 4K technology with the Canon EOS C300/C300 PL both offering Hollywood and filmakers all over the world an alternative to the admittedly brilliant RED series of digital-camcorders.

Featuring Canon's brand-new Super 35mm sensor it has a 8.29-megapixel CMOS sensor, what this means is that the sensor is able to read 1920x1080 Full HD images for each of the three RGB colours, giving you what is now called a 4K resolution. It's the highest resolution that any professional camera can capture at the moment and is now being used in almost every major Hollywood film.

While on paper it slightly underperforms in comparisson to say, the RED Epic, the C300's main selling point will be its versatility and portability, with a form-factor that looks like a souped up SLR the C300 is designed to be incredibly portable while still providing the highest resolution images available to man. It also happens to be a bargain, at just $20,000 (£12,530) it's a steal compared to the RED's flagship model which is priced at an eye-watering $58,000 (£36,333).

While it may be slightly beyond the likes of us mere mortals it'll be interesting to see what the film-making community does with this new addition to the 4K family.