Canon EOS 60D seen in the wild

New spy shot shows DSLR with swivel screen

No more word on official release date, but 60D expected by end of August.

The Canon EOS 60D has already been the subject of much chatter amongst photography fanatics. But until now, no one’s been too sure what this swivel-LCD packing snapper really looks like.

Well, this shot should leave no one in doubt. It clearly shows a Canon SLR with the aforementioned LCD sitting pretty round the back. How can we be sure it’s the 60D? Well, no other Canon camera totes a swivel screen.

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Other than this sneaky shot, there are already a few details kicking around about this mid-range DSLR. It’s said to rock 1080p video shooting and cram in 18 megapixels. It’s been mooted for a 26 August release, at the same time as the flagship EOS 1Ds.

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Via Canon Rumors