Call to lower Microsoft Kinect price

The £125 Microsoft Kinect hasn't had too many pre-orders

Microsoft has been called on to lower the price of the Xbox 360 add-on as retailers fear it might dissuade gamers.

A low number of pre-orders indicates that gamers might be deterred by the hefty price tag attached to the Microsoft Kinect, the latest in Xbox 360 motion gaming technology.

The Xbox 360 motion sensor Kinect has been priced at £124.86 on ShopTo.

ShopTo's CEO Igor Cipolletta said of Kinect's price: "It's too high. We believe that with this current economy it should be around £70. For £140 you can buy a Wii."

Adding a blow to Microsoft's latest product, Cipolletta added: "Pre-orders are very low."

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The pre-order page shows a RRP of £129.99 and is expected to release on November 19 2010.

Only last week Microsoft revealed the price of the Kinect at $149 on its online store. Cipolletta has based his ShopTo Kinect price on the US version.

Apart from the disappointment of the high price, technical specs on shows that the Kinect can only handle two active players at a time. Other motion gaming sensors like Nintendo and Sony can support up to four players at a time, which is possibly another chip in the shoulder of the hopes of the Microsoft Kinect.

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Via: Eurogamer