Call of Duty: Black Ops Price: Cheapest deals in the UK

All the deals for the new CoD ahead of launch

Call of Duty: Black Ops prices are wide and varied, but who has the best offer?

With the highly anticipated Call of Duty: Black Ops on sale next week, everyone’s wondering what the best deal is going to be. And sure enough the price wars have already begun, so we have decided to give you a breakdown of who’s charging what.

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The cheapest deal going right now has to be HMV’s price of £7.99, however this comes at a cost since this is only the case when you trade in a copy of EA’s Medal of Honor. So unless you’ve already purchased it and are willing to give it away for the new CoD (we sure as hell would), then your out of luck. You could always go and buy a copy now just to trade in on Tuesday.

If not, both GAME and Gamestation will be selling it for £24.99 when bought with another Xbox 360 or PS3 chart game. These include Fallout: New Vegas, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II and Red Dead Redemption. If you don’t fancy buying another title as well then GAME will allow you to trade in Halo: Reach, Dead Rising 2, F1 2010 or FIFA 11 and get it for the same price of £24.99.

Gamestation on the other hand will give customers an extra £5 of store credit to anyone who trades in two titles when buying CoD: Black Ops. This means that, in theory, if you trade in two games that are in the charts you’re likely to get Black Ops for free with the added bonus of £5 store credit. For an extra deal, Gamestation are offering CoD: Black Ops for £20 when purchased with an Xbox 360 4GB console. Both GAME and Gamestation deals will run until Sunday November 14th.

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Rumour has it that Sainsbury’s and Morrison’s will both be selling CoD: Black Ops for £25, however this is unconfirmed as of yet and it is unknown if there are requirements that need to be met for the deal. So far Tesco have made no attempt to enter the price war and remain set with the retail price of £39.90 for Xbox 360 and PS3.

As if the price war isn’t already making you go crazy for Call of Duty: Black Ops then you certainly will now, since Activision have announced that they are throwing everything at the franchise. 2011 will see the “largest offering of digital content ever” for CoD: Black Ops. So fans can hopefully expect many more maps, zombies and customisation options.

Have you pre-ordered CoD: Black Ops or are you going to line up as early as possible outside your favourite store? Let us know what your views are on the new CoD and what you plan to do about getting one. Tell us on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

Update: Asda has announced that they will be selling Call of Duty: Black Ops for £4.97, while Blockbuster has possibly won the price war outright by offering Call of Duty Black Ops for just 99p.