Call of Duty: Black Ops patch targets continued PS3 issues

PS3 gets yet another Black Ops fix as problems remain

Black Ops PS3 issues continue

Disgruntled PS3 touting Call of Duty: Black Ops gamers have been offered yet another downloadable patch as issues continue with the PlayStation edition of the year’s biggest entertainment release.

Despite a ‘major’ update being rolled out across all platforms last week, PS3 Black Ops users continued to feel cheated by developers Treyarch as issues with reduced graphical quality and frequent online connection problems hamper their gaming experience.

The latest update, patch 1.05, which is available to download now hopes to improve party reliability and UPnP functionality as well as enabling the ability to kick in party and private matches and addressing a variety of online lobby concerns.

Speaking on its intent to correct all PS3 user issues, Black Ops’ creators said: "Treyarch is dedicated to ensuring the best gaming experience for the fans, and we've been actively working with you to continue to improve the game based on your feedback. As always, keep the feedback coming through the community forums."

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Via: CVG