Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 review round-up

Still deciding if it's worth the money, well these may help

With Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 now available to buy you may be wondering if it's really worth the money, well fear not for we have just the thing to help, a reviews round-up

With the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 launch causing as much excitement as a Hollywood blockbuster it's fair to say that this will be one of the big games of the year, of course that doesn't mean it'll be any good.

Luckily games journalists have been putting it through it's paces including T3 so to help decide we've rounded up all the biggest reviews so you can make a fair decision on whether Black Ops 2 deserves a place on your shelf.

First up is IGN who went straight in with a shining evaluation of Treyarch's follow-up to Black Ops calling it "amazing" and applauding the fact they have "challenged assumptions and pushed the series forward in awesome new directions." Finally they commend the game on allowing decision making to have a real impact on the storyline saying, "It’ll be hard to return to a campaign where I don’t have the ability to shape it." 9.3/10

Next up is Official Xbox Magazine who saw the single-player campaign in a slightly more subdued way critisising the way the game was made saying that "production values vary vastly between levels, to the point at which we can barely believe that only one studio made the campaign." Their view on Multiplayer couldn't be more at the opposite end of the spectrum saying, "As a multiplayer game, Black Ops 2 is one of the best shooters around - sprawling and sagging under the weight of interesting systems." 8/10

Joystiq continues along the same lines as OXM praising Treyarch for their good intentions but finding that ultimately "the underdeveloped characters of Black Ops 2, however, simply can't carry the weight Treyarch tries to heap upon them." They do however praise the new 'Pick 10' system in multiplayer which gives you just 10 points to share out on weapons, abilities etc saying that "Black Ops 2 doles out this content in intelligent ways, giving you choices at every level and helping you shape starting classes, rather than putting money in your pocket and opening the floodgates like in the original Black Ops." 4/5

Disagreeing with both of those views is Kevin Kelly from G4TV who believes the campaign is worthy of respect nothing that "this is a massive story with some truly horrific moments embedded in it. It entwines a fantastic story into the plotlines of Black Ops, and does a commendable job of pushing us 13 years into the future." Where they do agree however is over the multiplayer with Kelly summing up the formula that Black Ops provides by saying "the series has come to be strongly identified by its online multiplayer, and the same holds true in this latest release. They’ve perfected the scratch to the itch you have when you feel the need to jump online and shoot things." 4.5/5

T3's Black Ops 2 review by Nick Cowen gives Black Ops 2 a glowing bill of health suggesting that "Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is positively stuffed with content for players, and even if one gets the impression this franchise has reached the tipping point on the current gen of consoles, Treyarch’s latest beast is a thing of beauty." 5/5