Burger King twitterfeed hacked

Burger King takes down Twitter account after attack by hackers

Burger King has suspended its Twitter account after it was attacked by hackers who replaced the fast food chain's logo with that of MacDonalds

Hackers breached the official Twitter account of US fast-food chain Burger King, tweeting obscenities, references to drugs and replacing the company's logo to that of its main rival, MacDonalds. "We just got sold to McDonald's! Look for McDonald's in a hood near you," one tweet said, while another message said,"If I catch you at a Wendys, we're fightin!".

Burger King says it asked for its Twitter account an hour after the attack commenced.

"It has come to our attention that the Twitter account of the Burger King brand has been hacked," Burger King said in a statement. "We have worked directly with administrators to suspend the account until we are able to re-establish our legitimate site and authentic postings."

MacDonalds said that its sympathised with its rival's plights on its official twitterfeed. “We empathize with our @BurgerKing counterparts. Rest assured, we had nothing to do with the hacking.” the company tweeted.

The identity of the hackers who took control of Burger King's account is still unknown at this time.