Bungie and Activision reveal 2013 Xbox 720 release plans

Gaming developers reference Xbox 720 console in contract for 2013 gaming release

With an E3 2012 unveiling repeatedly rumoured, new leaks have suggested Microsoft's next-generation Xbox 720 console will hit stores in 2013

Halo and Call of Duty developers Bungie and Activision have leaked the upcoming Xbox 720 release plans with a contract between the two companies hinting at a 2013 release for Microsoft’s next-generation games console.

Ironing out details for Bungie’s eagerly awaited next-generation title, a contract between the two gaming powerhouses has suggested the upcoming MMO title ‘Destiny’ will launch next autumn with the release to be made compatible with the Xbox 360 and the as yet unconfirmed Xbox 720.

Adding fuel to the fire of Xbox 720 rumours that have circulated with added vigour for a number of years, the contract between Activision and Bungie has hinted at a pre-Christmas 2013 release for the Xbox 360 follow-on with Destiny seeming set to be a launch title for the Nintendo Wii U rival.

Referencing the futuristic console in a contract regarding the Destiny gaming release, and a subsequent set of sequels that are set to bring PC and PlayStation gamers into the fray, Activision and Bungie have sparked further speculation around an imminent arrival for the third Xbox branded machine.

“As described in the Native Release Plan, Destiny Game #1, along with any related DLC Releases as well as Comet #1, shall be initially developed by Licensor to operate on and be compatible with the Microsoft Xbox 360 video game console (“Xbox 360”) and the next successor console platform released by Microsoft configured for both the NTSC and PAL television/video system standards (“Xbox 720”),” the contract reads.

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Via: LATimes