BT vs Sky Premier League Football battle gets ugly

BT offers £6.99 Sky Sports 1, Sky squeezes wholesale price

Get this deal now, because it might not last...

Earlier this week BT announced the cheapest way to watch Premier League football this season, by unveiling a package that allowed BT Vision subscibers to pick up Sky Sports 1 for just £6.99 a month.

The £6.99 deal, which also allows us to pick up Sky Sports 2 for an extra fiver, massively undercuts Vigin Media and even Sky itself, despite Sky creating all of the content, further hotting up the competition between on-demand telly services.

With ESPN also thrown in for good measure, BT Vision subscribers will have every live game at their disposal this season.

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If you fancy this deal, (and lets face it who wouldn't?) best get in there now, because BT is risking a £100 million loss to make it happen. ESPN also comes with the deal so that's every Live premier league game for just £6.99 a monyjh

BT is incurring a massive shortfall that has increased to £6.43 per person, per month after Sky pre-empively raised its wholesale price for Sky Sports 1 to squeeze the telecoms giant.. BT now has to pay £13.42 a month for each subscriber. Crafty buggers.

BT says it's a marathon, not a snickers, and intends to last the course, but if things get a little tight, we might see this deal disappear pretty soon. Get in there, and get in there now.

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