British Telecom suing Google over Android

Patents battle continues as BT enters the ring

BT is the latest to enter into the ongoing patents battle but this time it’s not Apple it has its sights set on but Android with injunctions being top of their list

BT has begun court proceedings against Google over its Android operating system in regards to a number of patents.

The patents themselves are of a mixed variety however are all in some way connected to Google’s Music and Maps services.

British Telecom believes that Google has infringed these patents by having these services, with the company asking for both monetary reimbursement and also asking for injunctions to be put in place.

While it’s unlikely that we’ll see all Android smartphones being taken off the shelves it is interesting to note that the patents do concern the use of mobile networks, an issue that can have potentially huge ramifications.

At the moment however the proceedings have just begun and will continue for some time but as soon as we know any more you’ll know.

Should companies finally stop suing each other or do they have the right to protect what they feel is their invention? Let us know what you think via the comments box below…

Source: Engadget