BT "instant internet" claims debunked

Ad for new Infinity service pulled

Move follows Ofcom's recent demands for clarification about internet speeds.

BT’s new Infinity service has been dealt a blow today after the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) demanded that the phone company pull an ad claiming the service offered “instant internet.”

The 40Mbps fibre optics package’s advertising has been deemed misleading. The ASA successfully argued that “instant internet” suggested immediate access to lengthy downloads of movies and music which obviously take more than a split second to snaffle.

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BT counteracted that the term wasn’t meant literally and that the ad offered typical download times, although the ASA said it had seen no evidence to support them. The slap-down comes as no surprise after last week’s Ofcom ruling, which stated ISPs needed to be clearer in how they sold broadband to web-needy punters.

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Via Techwatch