BT broadband ad banned

"Consistently faster" 20Mbps claims don't impress ASA

Advertising watchdog says BT assertions weren't backed up by "sufficient evidence"

The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) has banned a BT ad over its claims that the company’s 20Mbps speeds give, “…a consistently faster broadband throughout the day even at peak times”.

The line, taken from BT’s Adam and Jane series of ads, was misleading according to the ASA. which said in a statement, “Because we had not seen sufficient evidence to support the claim that BT's new broadband service was consistently faster than its existing 8Mb service even at peak times, we concluded that the ad was likely to mislead."

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The ASA also said that the 20Mbps offering was only available to half of UK households and although it was being rolled out to 75 per cent, that process was set to take two years.

The ad had been the subject of complaints from Sky and Virgin. BT has said it’s disappointed with the ruling. It comes just weeks after BT’s Infinity service was hauled over the coals for claiming it offered “instant internet”.

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