BT and TalkTalk challenging Digital Economy Act

"Rushed" act not up to scratch say broadband top dogs

Move aims to get legislation repealed after it was rushed through parliament.

The controversial Digital Economy Act is back in the headlines today, with BT and TalkTalk both looking for a judicial review into the legislation. The Act was rushed through parliament ahead of the General Election in May, with politicians including Nick Clegg saying it wasn’t properly debated.

As it stands, the Digital Economy Act will bring powers to cut off persistent pirates and allow those holding copyright to block sites which host illegal content.

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BT and TalkTalk are both unhappy that the law only covers ISPs with more than 400,000 users, meaning the biggest players would have to police their customers’ web use, while smaller companies escape having to deal with the issue.

The pair are also bitter at the music industry’s failure to search out new ways of selling tunes rather than castigating illegal filesharers. The government, however, has said it has no plans to repeal the Act.

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