Broadband heading to rural Britain through grant

Government puts £363 million into local broadband

While we may be in a recession the government is keeping its 'Digital Britain' project on the rails by investing hundreds of millions of pounds into making sure all of Britain gets superfast broadband.

The government has revealed plans to invest £362 million into the British broadband sector aimed solely at getting superfast broadband to the most rural areas of Britain.

The plans will see £264 million given to England with the remainder being given to the Scottish government to split up as they see fit. The plan is for the money to not only provide financial backing but also to act as show of good faith to communications companies who can then match the investment by the government.

At present there are still parts of England which have chronically slow broadband speeds, and with Virgin Media offering 100Mbps trials in London, the government has clearly decided to add some balance to the current climate.

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